Causes of Unable to Login on Instagram

Eosapps.NET – Causes of Unable to Login on Instagram. Of course you must have an Instagram account. And when you enter this article, you must be experiencing that Instagram cannot be opened.

Some events can indeed occur on your Instagram account. Like not being able to log in, the Instagram login password is always wrong, or the Instagram application always forces close.

Causes of Unable to Login on Instagram

Causes of Unable to Login on Instagram
Causes of Unable to Login on Instagram

However, this time we will discuss some of the reasons you cannot log in to Instagram. Here are some reasons why you can’t log into Instagram :

Not Connected To the Internet

One of the reasons for not being able to log into Instagram because our feature no longer connected to the internet network. Either because the information packet lost or the information package is no longer activated.

So, to log in to Instagram, make sure the feature is connected to the internet network and the internet quota is still there.

Instagram account locked

A locked Instagram account can be caused when the user creates an account not carrying out email confirmation.

Thus, when the user logs out of the account or changes features, the account is locked by Instagram.

It is highly recommended when creating an FB or IG account to make sure you don’t remember confirming an email like a predictive step for things like this.

Do not Remember the Password or Username

Not remembering the password or username can also be because you can’t log into Instagram. Because for logging in, you must enter a suitable username and password. If the two don’t match, the user doesn’t want to be able to log in forever.

Instagram Account Blocked

Account blocking generally tried by Instagram. Generally this is because there is a violated Instagram personal policy.

Articles that smell of racism, pornography, or hoaxes can cause an account to be blocked by Instagram. This subject can caused by someone who told our article. Blocking by Instagram can be temporary or permanent.

Steps When You can’t Log In to Instagram

Based on the causes that we have explained above. We can take several steps to overcome the inability to log in to Instagram.

Check internet Connection

The initial method for overcoming Instagram not being able to log in is to check the internet connection. Make sure the features used connected to the internet network.

When using cellular information, make sure it is active and there is still internet quota. When using wifi, make sure the wifi connected and the password has not been changed.

Reset Instagram Password Via Email

Maybe you can forget your Instagram login password. Don’t be afraid, you can reset your Instagram password via email. The method is quite easy. You don’t press the forgot password button while on the Instagram login page.

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