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Eosapps.NET – KPNTunnel Revolution (Official) – What is KPNTunnel Revolution? KPNTunnel revolution is a continuation of the previous project, namely KPNTunnel. Which KPNTunnel functions to get a safe and fast internet connection by using SSH Tunneling.

So this KPNTunneling application serves to secure your tracks in using the internet like ssh. However, the KPNTunneling revolution also utilizes SSL / TLS so that your network usage is much safer than using SSH Tunneling as usual. How to download the KPNTunnel Revolution apk.

KPNTunnel Revolution (Official)

So by using SSH Tunneling and also SSL / TLS the performance of the KPNTunnel application is much faster and of course very secure. There are several features of this KPNTunnel Revolution apk that you can make good use of.

Here are some of the latest features of the KPNTunnel Rrevolution apk:

  • Using a direct proxy. The process is directly tunneling through the SSH tunnel and directly to SSH.
  • SSL / TLS which is also direct. The tunneling process from the SSH tunnel to the SSH server using SSL / TLS connections.
  • Can perform Tunneling on SSH tunnel via HTTP Proxy.
  • Can also perform tunneling through SSH Tunnel via SSL / TLS Proxy.
  • Tunneling the SSH Tunnel via HTTP proxy.
  • And there are many more features from KPNTunnel Revolution that you can use to your heart’s content.

if you feel interested in using this KPNTunnel Revolution. You can download the KPNTunnel Revolution apk via the download link above.

How to Use KPNTunnel Revolution

how to use it is quite easy.

  • The main thing you do is download KPNTunnel Revolution via the Download link above.
  • Then you can open the KPNTunnel application then tap the dot logo in the upper right corner.
  • Click config, then import (enter the existing config). Config can be searched on Google Search and in the FB HTTP Injector, KPN Tunnel and Free Internet groups.
  • Finally, after you import the config. You can press the start button. And make sure your internet data is on.

What's new

* What has Fixed ?
+Interface improvements
+Fixed some minor bugs


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