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If you often hear about Openvpn on Windows. This time Openvpn is also present on our Android smartphone.
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Arne Schwabe
September 24, 2020
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Description – If you often hear about Openvpn on Windows. This time Openvpn is also present on our Android smartphone. What is the function of this Android Openvpn? This Openvpn application is useful for those of you who connect your smartphone to the Openvpn server directly.

OpenVPN is one of the applications / applications that are open source. The benefit is to access the internet through Virtual Private Networking or often abbreviated as VPN.

OpenVPN for Android

OpenVPN itself works with the method of creating an encrypted PTP Tunnel (Point-To-Point Tunnel) connection. android application, or more specifically by using a username and password in carrying out authentication to build a connection.

If you ask whether this Openvpn application can make you use this internet network for free? The answer is of course not.

How to use the Openvpn Android application?

  • The very first thing you have to do is of course download the Openvpn application via the download button above. And then install it.
  • After you successfully install it on your Android phone. You can open the Openvpn application.
  • Then you can do a little configuration or you can download the active config from vpn groups on social media.
  • Then you can select the three point menu in the upper right corner. Select import. Then Click “Import Profile From SD Card
  • Then you can choose the config that you get. The config will have the format “ovpn”
  • Finally, you can press the connect button, to connect you to the Openvpn server.

Usability of Openvpn

In general, the use of Openvpn is almost the same as other vpn, which is that you can use it for browsing the internet anonymously. Of course you can also access websites that are blocked by our government. Secure connection, because it encrypted by the Openvpn server. So your traffic will not be able to be monitored.

What's new

- OpenSSL 1.1.1h
- Can be used on the latest android version
- A warning when failed to enter password. Or do not enter a password.
- Additional for --cipher to --data-cipher
- Fixed other minor damage


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