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eosapps.NET – Quantum Tunnel – Of course, you are confused when you hear the name quantum tunnel. With a slightly unique name, it will make you even more curious about this application. Of course, from the name, we can know that this application is one of the tunneling applications which of course has many benefits.

What is Quantum Tunnel

Quantum Tunnel is one of the many tunnel or vpn applications to protect personal and information when surfing. The quantum service runs on port 443 with TLS installed so that when using the app you mistaken for accessing HTTPS webites normally.

So by using a quantum tunnel, of course you will be safe from the monitoring of the provider you are using.

Features and Benefits of the Quantum Tunnel

This application has features and advantages that are quite reliable when using the internet. Quantum itself is similar to Shadowsocks Simplified Obfucation, SSH Stunnel, Shadowsocks Cloak is for tunneling bypass firewalls.

Here are some of the features and advantages of the Quantum :

  • TLS / HTTPS Quantum running on port 443 is very convenient from blocking because it makes users sort of access the web normally.
  • QoS bypass Indirectly the app can carry out the QoS bypass that was previously limited by certain ISPs.
  • UDP Forwarding support is one that mainly has the udp forwarding feature. Users can use their connection to carry out Whatsapp Video Calls, Facebook Video Calls, Google Duo Video Calls, Skype Video Calls.
  • Gaming Latency with quantum that supports UDP forwarding so it can also used for gaming easily because Quantum directly supports UDP forwarding. Unlike SSH Tunneling which required to use BADVPN UDPGW.

Generate Account Quantum Tunnel

To get a quantum tunnel account. Interested users can use a public server that is on the Free Public Server for IPTUNNELS web access.

Then select the existing and online servers after that, generate it by filling in the captcha 2 times to get an account. If you want to use a private server or you can say VIP, there is a definite contribution. Please join the IPTUNNELS channel discord on the Join Channel to ask for the VIP server


If you interested in using this application. You can download the APK via the download link above.

When you finish installing it. You can test your internet speed via speedtest. You will see a very significant progress of your internet speed.

What's new

This update from the Quantum Tunneling application will make your experience using this application even better. As for the improvements made are:
More stable and faster.
updated library
b.Boost 1.74.0


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