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VPN Game FastSSH – Fastssh VPN game is a premium VPN application that is free for you to use. You can use this application to play games.
Why should I use VPN? The goal is that you can play games calmly and comfortably without having to worry about your sometimes unstable internet network.
And also, using this app is very easy. There are only a few steps you can take to enjoy a great network for gaming. Here are the steps.
1. You can download this application via the download button above.
2. Next, you can create an account at https://vpn.fastssh.com
3. Read the message that comes from the fastssh site after you create an account.
4. The certificate will appear after you create an account. Install the certificate.
5. Open the application and fill in the hostname including your SNI or Host Bug. Example: this.bug.dom.vpn-usa2.hostip.co
6. Finally, you can fill in the username and password that you got. Then connect.

VPN Game FastSSH

There are many advantages that you can get by using this fastssh vpn game application. The advantage that you will feel the most is that your ping will turn out well. And for sure this application is free, and creating an account from fastssh is also free.
You will not be charged at all from this application. Of course, you don’t need to be afraid, even though it’s free you will get a choice of premium servers from fastssh. Here are the available servers.
VPN Game FastSSH VPN Server:
– vpn for Germany, vpn for Singapore, vpn for Indonesia, vpn for Japan, vpn for United States, vpn for South Africa, vpn for Brazil, vpn for Korea, vpn for the Philippines, vpn for Argentina, vpn for Turkey

and also, this application will support a variety of games, such as:
– game MOBA, game fps, game battle royale ,and many more

What's new

  • Fixed some minor bugs
  • Application acceleration


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