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Best EOS Wallet

The Official EOS Wallet and Ledger Support is on the Horizon. There are several wallet choices from different parties, and the jury is still out on the best EOS wallet available.

We have produced a round-up of the best EOS wallets that are available to download and use now, so you can make the best decision on which wallet to use.


Scatter is an in-browser extension designed for use with the Google Chrome browser which has proven itself a formidable wallet – already being used by many App developers for interaction between the users and their applications.

Scatter is focusing on Identity Authentication & signing which are fundamental technologies that will help to make blockchain much more user friendly for the average consumer.

Scatter is available both on Mac or PC and it requires the Google Chrome Browser.

The Scatter Wallet is available via their website:

The Genereos Toolkit

The Genereos toolkit is designed to interface with Scatter and allow the many built-in features of the EOS blockchain to be accessed and utilised, such as voting, delegation, trading RAM, and of course, transferring tokens.

Being browser-based, it is available on Mac or PC.

The interface is very easy to use. Genereos Toolkit is the perfect introduction to the EOS platform and what it enables – which is certainly a lot smoother and user friendly than it’s predecessors in other technologies.

The EOS Toolkit is available via their website:

The Greymass Wallet

Team Greymass is a Block Producer that rose to the task of producing an easy and simply open-source EOS voting tool in the early days of the main network launch.

It supports other features like token transfers, staking and delegation and is available on both Mac or PC.

The Greymass Wallet is available via their Github:

EOS Wallet Recommendations

Be cautious when downloading, installing and using any EOS wallets at this stage, and be sure to follow producer’s recommendations on ensuring private key security.

It is advisable to use an EOS Account Creation service to create an EOS Wallet for testing purposes with new/beta technology and wallets, until such time as an official EOSIO wallet is released and fully audited.

This post will be updated as and when new EOS Wallets become available and are approved by the EOS Block Producers and community.

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