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Scatter in Action

Scatter is a browser extension designed to make it easy to use Apps for the EOS Blockchain. You will immediately…

  • DApp
  • 31. Aug
  • 2.3K
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The Reality of Social Media

Wouldn't it be cool if all that time you spent on various social media platforms was rewarded with something more than…

  • EOS
  • 28. Aug
  • 1.1K
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EOS Knights Beta: First Look Gameplay Review

Today we take a first look at the gameplay of the beta of EOS Knights, an idle RPG on iOS and Android, and set to be…

  • DApp
  • 23. Jul
  • 16.8K
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Best EOS Wallet

The Official EOS Wallet and Ledger Support is on the Horizon. There are several wallet choices from different parties,…

  • EOS
  • 18. Jul
  • 4.4K
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Blockchain & Payment Models, Past and Future: Part 1

It has often been cited that Blockchain, Bitcoin & Decentralization can & will change the game when it comes to…

  • DApp
  • 8. Jul
  • 4.7K
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DApp in Depth: High Fidelity VR Gaming Platform

Blockchain-based social virtual reality platform High Fidelity has raked in $35 million to fund its new gaming…

  • EOS
  • 2. Jul
  • 1.6K
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DApp in Depth: IDpass

IDPass is an EOS-based dapp that was created to help undocumented people “gain access to essential legal,…

  • Hackathon
  • 1. Jul
  • 2.9K
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DApp in Depth: Hire Vibes

Hire Vibes is an EOS dapp whose self-described mission is “to redirect the flow of wealth going to centralised…

  • EOS
  • 28. Jun
  • 988
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DApp in Depth: ONO Social Network

Ono is an EOS-based decentralized social networking site launching in July of this year.  According to the Ono Social…

  • EOS
  • 26. Jun
  • 1.9K
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DApp in Depth: Scatter Identity

Scatter is a web extension designed to streamline the process of sending and signing online transactions through web…

  • EOS
  • 24. Jun
  • 2.8K
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Discover the Winners from the $144,000 EOS Global Hackathon

The EOS Global Hackathon, the first in its series and facilitated by, took place in Hong Kong on June 9-10.…

  • Scaling
  • 19. Jun
  • 1K
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Excellent User Experience is required for Mass Adoption. Why I believe EOS will deliver.

After the meteoric rise of Ethereum throughout 2017, many people began to look for a future successor to address…

  • EOS
  • 28. Apr
  • 837
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