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DApp in Depth: IDpass

IDPass is an EOS-based dapp that was created to help undocumented people “gain access to essential legal, governmental, healthcare, and financial services,” said a company representative at a recent EOS hackathon in Hong Kong. IDPass won the hackathon’s top prize. Using IDPass, “undocumented [persons] can build out trusted IDs that are private, fully under their control, and recoverable.”  The technology combines the “decentralized identification specification of the W3C with EOS account management and recovery services.”

There are many use cases for such a technology – allergies, blood type and other essential medical information could be kept on the blockchain, so even if a person was unable to respond, or in a territory where they did not speak the local language, the medical information could be accessed on the blockchain and appropriate treatment administered.

In order to explain how IDPass can be implemented, the representative at the Hackathon provided a hypothetical example of a person who had been through a devastating earthquake in Nepal. This person, named ‘Jeremy’, received medical attention from a Red Cross tent.

The Red Cross scanned Jeremy’s retina, found his identity in the EOS blockchain, and printed a disposable QR code that Jeremy could use to prove who he was. Then, Jeremy took the QR code to the bank, where he was able to use it to access his bank account.

View the IDPass Presentation from the EOS Global Hackathon:-

“We’ve created a solution for a billion-plus people to gain access to essential services. We plan to make this an open-source project. ” said the representative at the hackathon.  “We’re incredibly thrilled…to collaborate with humanitarian agencies to bring healthcare, educational, financial and legal services to the undocumented.” The IDPass team was given $100,000 in addition to their first-prize title.

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve seen how communities can deliver impact and help develop open-source projects for the greater good. The talent here is undeniable and the results of the hackathon show that the EOS community is one of strongest in the tech world,” said Larry Sanger, CIO of Everipedia and hackathon judge.

There’s no set date for when IDPass will be available to the public. For more information on the IDPass project, check out the project’s presentation.


  • A

    It would be nice to link to the w3c spec and show that this works cross chain. BTW, this also works for documented people!

  • Roger

    Hi guys, just hearing about this for the first tiem due to the next EOS hackathon in London tomorrow. But my question is why use retina instead of fingerprints?

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