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EOS Knights Beta: First Look Gameplay Review

Today we take a first look at the gameplay of the beta of EOS Knights, an idle RPG on iOS and Android, and set to be one of the earliest live implementations of the EOS blockchain in a game and certainly one of the first iOS games that interacts with a blockchain full stop.

EOSKnights is now Released for Browsers and can be played via Scatter at

EOS Knights Gameplay

After going through a rather nicely designed and rapid login process with my EOS jungle testnet account, I am presented with the game screen prompting me to hire some characters to my party – I do so.

My chosen character begins automatically slaying Orcs, with animated combat providing eye candy to match their intuitive interface elements. The interface immediately strikes me as solid, responsive and polished.

I get the gist that I should bulk out the rest of my party with the additional available heroes to speed up the orc-slaying process, so I assemble my trio, and leave them to slay orcs whilst I explore the rest of the interface.

Within the Material and item tabs I find an impressive index of items and resources, and can see at once how they tie together – resources are gathered by adventuring, can be crafted into items, which can be equipped to the characters to advance adventuring progress and lead towards greater challenges (and rewards) – everything is intuitively displayed via the interface and there is nothing confusing about any of it.

Checking out the pets tab, I decide to roll a ticket with my 100 magic and get a chicken – these pets can be assigned to a character to buff his/her stats:-

My knights slay 10 orcs and proceed to floor 2 – With their strength waning, I decide to rebirth them, which is effectively a way of cashing in your progress, starting the game again and receiving whatever items you collected during the run.

I am presented with a few Signature Request popup to interact with the EOS blockchain on some occasions, the option to whitelist these actions means you don’t get prompted every time – this is a pleasurable and speedy experience, aided by the well designed interface and blazing fast EOS blockchain behind the game.

Lo and behold, my first run netted me sufficient materials to craft my first item, the Basic Robe – Any buff is a good buff, so I craft and equip it to Eric the Knight.

I decide to roll a few more pets using my Testnet balance and within a few rolls, find myself the powerful Venom Crocodile, with some impressive buffs, so I gear up my party with the best pets in my collection:-

A few runs later I take a look at the marketplace system which is again a refreshingly nice experience (compared to that of games on other blockchains) to use and list items on – being in it’s early stages it is somewhat barren – with thousands of players taking part and harvesting items, the value of these common materials would find their true value.

The artwork throughout the game is quite beautiful indeed – especially on the pets, weapon and material front.

The gameplay continues when out of the game, so a few hours later I check back on my knights who are now accumulating XP and levels, and are capable of laying waste to the orcs, I have now found myself advancing through floor after floor without losing much HP on my characters thanks to their gear and newfound pet companions.

I rebirth on floor 13 and find my first rare drop bringing my even closer to the craved higher tier gear – I’ve also unlocked new game world locations for adventuring and find myself in #12th position on the beta leaderboard. Adventure on!


EOS Knights is seriously impressive for an beta game on the EOS blockchain – it runs fast, the interface is solid and artwork is simply gorgeous – the interaction with the blockchain is definitely present, with the lightning fast smart contract interactions working in a fluid manner, no delays or interruptions here – this is worlds apart from any previous blockchain game I’ve ever played, which are more alike to trying to download a large file on a 56k modem.

If this is the kind of experience we come to love from apps and games on EOS, the future is looking very bright indeed. Instantaneous action and a brilliant user experience, letting developers do what they should be doing – Focusing on making their apps as great as possible, rather than having to build apology screens for every time a transaction is delayed 30 seconds or just cancels entirely because there’s too much network activity.

Find EOSKnights at their website

EOSKnights Release Information:-

EOSKnights is now Released for Browsers and can be played via Scatter at

iOS and Android releases are to follow.


  • Decentralist

    Hi Howie – you can just make a testnet account and download it from the link at the bottom of this article 🙂

  • Nick T

    You need to join the Jungle Net, then you can go to a EOS faucet and get yourself free EOS Tokens only compatible with Jungle Net. That should start you off quite nicely. The only issue I see is you can’t simply drop an item if you do not want it. You need to either sell it or craft it. Can only sell 3 max at a time too. Still needs some modifications, but so far its a very FUN GAME.

    • Decentralist

      Hi Nick, it is possible to trash items for water – You just need to use the ‘select’ button at the top to mass select them, and the can convert the items into water.

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