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Discover the Winners from the $144,000 EOS Global Hackathon

The EOS Global Hackathon, the first in its series and facilitated by, took place in Hong Kong on June 9-10. Over 90 teams and 350 entrants from 17 countries competed to build scalable dApp’s on EOS’ blockchain. Videos of the projects pitches are available by clicking on the names below.

Top Prizes

The top prize ($100,000) was awarded to the IDPASS team. Their project aims to create validated ID for global citizens who possess no formal documentation of their identity. Consisting of team members from France, Belarus, and the United States, IDPASS hope to help over 1 billion undocumented people around the world gain access to a central, legal, governmental, healthcare and financial services system – all without having to own a mobile phone. The undocumented person can build up a trusted ID that is private, fully under their control and, most importantly, recoverable.

Video below will start at IDPass presentation

Second prize ($25,000) went to Blockflare– a project utilising the decentralised smart-contract technology of EOS to crowdsource bandwidth in a fight against DDOS web attacks. By creating an economically incentivised platform to prevent DDOSS attacks, users will be encouraged to ‘loan’ their bandwidth. By crowdsourcing, Blockflare can effectively pool resources, reward contributors and help prevent these types of online attacks. The team consists of members from Singapore and Hong Kong.

Video below will start at Blockflare presentation

Finally, third prize ($10,000) was awarded to Ducatur – a new decentralised exchange. Complaints of DEX’s consist of ‘no volume’ or high-frequency trading capabilities. Decatur is developing a cross-chain DEX between Ether and EOS, deploying payment channels that allow off-chain trading, with zero trading fees, trustless trading and 1 million transactions per seconds. The team promises to make decentralised exchanged popular again, and is made up of members from Russia and Europe.

Video below will start at Ducatur presentation

Secondary Prizes

Smart City Steroids – Best Social Impact ($3,000) – an Indian smart city initiative. The team highlighted how there is little to no transparency in the delivery of public and municipal projects, with citizens unable to hold their local or national government to account. They aim to solve this problem by creating a decentralised public tendering system, focusing on transparency and public delivery by the vendors. By creating an EOS platform for private companies, the public and governments to exchange resources and ideas, Smart City initiatives will become much more efficient and open. The team comprises of members from India and Asia.

Video below will start at Smart City Steroids presentation

WarrantEase won Best User Experience ($3,000) and Shabaz Ahmed ($3,000) for Best Social Media Post.

Wrap Up

EOS’ first Global Hackathon series demonstrated a clear and immediate demand for the new blockchain protocol. Teams and panelists alike spoke about the advantages of the network, which included a lack of congestion and technological superiority to previous chains. One particular moment that stood out was from Travis More, entrepreneur and Everipedia co-founder. He cited the scaling and congestion problems that Ethereum experienced over the last 12 months, and how it made mainstream adoption of the protocol impossible for viable businesses – as interrupting a paying users experience, even for an instant, can be permanently damaging for reputation.

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