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More Information about King of EOS

King of EOS is a smart contract game living on the EOS blockchain. Become a king, make a profit or immortalize your kingdom forever on the blockchain.

The game’s rules are fully controlled and enforced by its smart contract:

  1. The round starts with a price of 1.0000 EOS to become king.
  2. Becoming a king comes at a cost. You can dethrone the current king by paying 1.35x the price he paid for the throne.
  3. If you are the king and someone else claims your throne, you will get the price he paid. Meaning you will make a profit of roughly a third of what you paid for the throne! (There’s a small commission charge.)
  4. If you stay king for 7 consecutive days, the kingdom will be forever yours and a new kingdom (round) will start! You will be immortalized as the ruler of this kingdom on the EOS blockchain and in the Hall of Fame.

This means as long as anyone claims your throne within 7 days you will earn 130% of your EOS back. The hard part is estimating human greed and knowing when to stop.

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