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Scatter in Action

Scatter is a browser extension designed to make it easy to use Apps for the EOS Blockchain.

You will immediately notice how fast this blockchain is compared to others you may have tried apps on: It is lightning fast, which ticks the boxes for usability and user experience.

Scatter is so easy to use, in fact, that once set up, you can easily see how powerful EOS is in action yourself by trying out some of the apps that are available on the platform such as EOS DiceEOS Knights or NewDex which are all incredible creations. In this post we’ll be trying out some of these apps with Scatter to see just how easy they are.

The current Scatter interface looks as follows:-

Under Identities is where the account management happens and you can, within a few minutes, set up a brand new scatter wallet for your EOS account.

Once an account has been configured in 2-3 clicks, you can get straight into using apps.

EOS Dice

On EOS Dice there is a one click login, via Scatter:-

Once logged in, your EOS balance is displayed and bets can be placed on the dice roll outcome:-

EOS Knights

Using the current web-based version of EOS Knights you can sign into the game directly in… one click!

And then you are in the game and playing – occasionally you will need to sign a transaction but these can be whitelisted via Scatter the first time, to avoid having to continue signing them if it is too annoying.


On Newdex, a decentralized exchange, on clicking ‘Login’ – users are presented with the following box allowing them to login & authorize via scatter:-

Once logged in, users can access and utilize the exchange, which functions much the same as regular exchanges:-

In all of these cases, EOS & Scatter combined form a wonderfully enjoyable experience – for the first time we’ve got seamless Dapps that respond and function exactly how they should – just like regular apps, quickly and efficiently.

Considering that EOS is a 3 month old blockchain, this is seriously impressive stuff.

Disclaimer: This post is not investment advice or advice of any kind, and is for informational purposes only – Please ensure all topics discussed are legal in your jurisdiction, do your own research and take necessary precautions.

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