How to Unfollow Many Instagram Accounts

Eosapps.NET – How to unfollow many Instagram accounts – Instagram is one of the most popular social networks for sharing images in the world today. We can see that on Instagram users can upload photos, show photos, implement, and comment on social media.

Because, at the base of Facebook, Instagram is now starting to have the latest features that are attractive and spoil users. A feature is a story that is popular on Instagram today. Allowing users to display their daily activities in the form of short videos or images.

Various features continue to arrive on Instagram, making it easy for us to promote ourselves or also the objects we want to sell.

How to Unfollow an Instagram Account

Almost similar to Twitter, Instagram users can follow other accounts or follow other Instagram accounts that we usually refer to as followers. Especially now that Instagram can also explore hashtags.

Unfortunately, sometimes there are lots of followers who are quite disturbing our status or sometimes we follow a lot of other people’s Instagram accounts. Which maybe we don’t really want.

Well, for those of you who want to unfolow the Instagram account on your account. But,  you feel lazy because there are many accounts that you want to follow, here we want to provide some guidelines so that you find it easy to do it.

How to Unfollow Many Instagram Accounts

How to Unfollow Many Instagram Accounts
How to Unfollow Many Instagram Accounts
  • First, you can download and install the Instant Cleaner application – for Instagram.
  • After the application successfully installed, you can immediately open the Instant Cleaner application.
  • Later you will be given some forms that you must fill in to register for the application, such as usernames, passwords and others.
  • After you register and login to the Instant Cleaner application. Until the next you want to be sent to the application home page.
  • You can unfollow the process on the follower and following menus.
  • Not only that, if you want to do unlike or delete posts, you can do it via the “like” or “post” menu to delete posts.
  • Well, if you want to unfollow a lot, you can do it on the follower menu and unfollow Instagram.
  • You can sort out the accounts that you want to follow without opening the account profile. After you select the accounts you want to unfollow. You can press the unfollow button on the screen. So that the Instant Cleaner application wants to unfollow all the accounts that you marked earlier.
  • If you want to stop the unfollowing process you can also press the stop button while the unfollowing process is taking place.
  • You just have to press the ok / unfollow button to unfollow each account that you have marked
  • After carrying out the process of unfollowing many accounts using this application. You can check directly on your Instagram application, whether the unfollowing process was successful.


How? Do you want to try this Instant Cleaner application to carry out the Unfollow method for a lot of Instagram accounts. This application can be very useful. If you want to unfollow an account that you have followed so much on Instagram.

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